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How to purchase your own custom portrait 


Item Details 

*Hand made

*Made to order

*Material - Acrylic Paint on canvas

As an artist, I not only aim for the likeness of your pet or loved one, but also for capturing and conveying their unique personality traits. My goal is to make the memory last forever and make you smile. 


How to Order 

1) Email photos of your pet or loved one ( The clearer and sharper the image the better. Several photos can help me as well, as I can get a better idea of your pet.


No obligation to purchase by emailing photos.


2) Then together we can choose a photo to paint together (if you haven't already chosen) and discuss the size. These prices are based on one figure and simple backgrounds. Additional pricing may be added if you would like additional figures or more detailed background. These prices also only reflect my color acrylic painting on canvas portraits not digital or water color. If you are interested in either of those please let me know and we can talk about those prices as well.

Note: Depending on the size you chose it can take anywhere from one week to over a month. 


8x10” - $350

11x14” - $678

12x16” -$845

16x20” - $1,408

18x24” - $1,990

24x30” - $3,168

Note: shipping will be an additional cost. 

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